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Gemma HiLo books for adult reading learners are written by best-selling authors and important new voices who really know how to tell a story!

Build confidence and introduce students to the pleasure of reading with fresh, original, relevant stories that engage and inspire.

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Velocity by Rebecca Rolland

Resources for Teachers

At Gemma, we’re committed to supporting those who teach literacy, whether they are professionals, volunteers or program adminstrators.

To help, we offer many free teaching guides, lesson plans, quizzes and other resources to accompany our HiLo series of books

“Literacy is a human right.”


Gemma is a nonprofit, charitable organization that has, since 2008, published original books, eBooks, and audiobooks to enhance adult and young adult literacy.

Our exciting series of HiLo books are specially designed for people on the path to English language literacy.

Their unique high-interest, low-reading-level format, delivers compelling stories written by best-selling authors and important new voices.

Our young adult fiction, memoir and books of travel writing resonate with themes of crossing cultures and diversity.

And, because people learn in different ways, we augment our printed books with audio versions, ebooks, lesson plans, teaching and reading guides, and a host of other resources to engage and empower new readers.

Featured Books

Cover image for The Two-Wheeled Detective by Susan Thompson
Book Cover for The Museum of Oddities
Book Cover for Newcomers by Greta Gorsuch
Book Cover for The Other by Laurie Foos
Cover image Forever and Ever by David Elliott
Cover Image for The Bear Suit by Marta Maretich
Cover image for A Girls' Guide to the Islands by Suzanne Kamata
Cover image for Jackie Robinson by Joe Schuster

Hot Off the Presses!

Velocity by Rebecca Roland


by Rebecca Rolland

Buckle up and get ready to experience Velocity, a wild ride into a future where AI enhancements give human beings amazing powers — but at what cost?

Lucy Brick, a college student, starts noticing weird-looking delivery drivers on motorbikes zooming all over Manhattan. They use chopsticks to “charge” themselves. They take risks no one should take. They are the ultra-cool Dlivs.

Some of Lucy’s friends have joined the drivers. Being a Dliv gives them lots of energy, they say. Better, it makes them more popular than their wildest dreams.

Lucy is tempted, but suspicious. What is really going on?

A dark secret lies behind the Dliv network, with serious consequences for the unsuspecting drivers. Only by discovering the truth can Lucy save them, and herself.

Velocity is the first in the new Gemma HiLo series The Activ8r Adventures. It’s author, Rebecca Rolland, is a renowned speech pathologist, Harvard lecturer and author of The Art of Talking With Children.

Gemma News

It’s been a great year for Gemma!

Thanks to our partners and donors, 2023 was a banner year for our little press:

  • We celebrated 15 years of publishing engaging content for emerging adult readers and their teachers.
  • 360 + Book Donations to literacy programs in the US and UK.
  • 4 New HiLo Books: The Two-Wheeled Detective, The Museum of Oddities, Newcomers and Velocity.
  • 4 New Teaching Resources including Lesson Plans and Bookclub Guidelines
  • 3,750 HiLo Books distributed through our partnership with Proliteracy, New Readers Press and libraries.
  • $15,700 raised in donations from our generous supporters.
  • And much more!

Resources for Teachers

Gemma is dedicated to supporting literacy teachers and literacy programs everywhere.

To help speed literacy learners on their way to confident reading, many of our HiLo books come with free resources including teaching and reading guides, quizzes, lesson plans, and more!

There are also audio and e-book versions of many titles, providing alternative ways to teach and learn.

To find out what’s on offer, explore the HiLo books section, check out the Teaching Resources page, or browse Audiobooks.

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