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Gemma Turns 15 This Month!

In June 2008, Gemma was founded.  Our mission to help adults and young adults with low literacy discover the joy and life-changing power of reading has sustained us.

And we’ve made remarkable strides, publishing more than 50 books and eBooks, 23 audiobooks, and 27 teaching resources—all aimed at fostering a love for reading.

  Now, to celebrate 15 years of impact and build a foundation for the future, we’ve launched Gemma’s 15th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. Will you join us today by making a $20 donation? Every penny makes a difference, and we appreciate your help!

Gemma Open Door for Literacy, Adult Literacy
The Spy by Suzanne Kamata, Adult Literacy Book, Gemma Open Door for Literacy, ESOL teaching resource

A New Lesson Plan for THE SPY

Gemma’s newest lesson plan accompanies our HiLo book THE SPY by Suzanne Kamata. THE SPY stars Pearl Dubois, a wealthy Southern belle who moves to Paris during World War II where she gathers intelligence for the first American spy agency.

Pearl convinces her boss to send her on the secret mission bringing photos of German spies to General George Patton. When she and her companions are ambushed and imprisoned by Nazi soldiers, Pearl must survive by her wits until she can plot an escape.

Check out the lesson plan here and let us know what you think!

New Release:

The Two-Wheeled Detective!

We are delighted to announce the publication of our first mystery book, The Two-Wheeled Detective, by Susan Thompson.

The book introduces us to Tami, a watchful, curious, and tenacious young accidental detective. Late one night, while riding her trusty red bicycle, Tami hits a huge pothole leaving the bicycle in the hedges with a broken wheel and Tami with a lump on the head and bloody knee.

Little does she know that the young man who appears out of the dark to help her will land her right in the middle of mystery involving a wealthy, ambitious family . . . and a murder!

Get your copy and follow along as Tami as she takes the case.


The Two-Wheeled Detective by Susan Thompson, Adult Literacy Book, Gemma Open Door for Literacy, ESOL teaching tool
Gemma Open Door for Literacy, Star Giving Society, Adult Literacy

Introducing The Star Giving Society!

As part of our continued celebration of Gemma’s 15th year, we are introducing the Star Giving Society!

 While every gift is crucial to our mission and we consider all donors part of the Star Giving Society, donations of $200 or more will allow you to directly fund specific adult literacy resources.

Learn more about the Star Giving Society and ways you can help adults who are struggling to read at www.gemmamedia.org/star.

A New Lesson Plan for Valentine’s Day!

We’ve just released a FREE lesson plan to accompany our newest HiLo release & first romance, Bake Sale by Suzanne Kamata.

In Bake Sale, two single parents meet during a holiday bake sale at Cherry Blossom International School in Toyko, where their kids are great friends. Laura Murata is a professor and the divorced mother of Maya, a seven-year-old girl. Widower Kazu Mori is a dentist raising his son, Max, on his own. The two are sweet on each other from the first moment but will misunderstandings make their budding relationship crumble? Love requires honesty…but not too much!

Check out the lesson plan here and let us know what you think!

Bake Sale by Suzanne Kamata, Adult Literacy Lesson Plan, ESOL Lesson Plan, Adult Literacy Resources
Gemma Open Door for Literacy, 15 Years of Adult Literacy Publications

Gemma Celebrates 15 Years!

Gemma helps adults and young adults with low literacy discover the joy and life-changing power of reading. Since we started in 2008, continued support from generous donors has allowed Gemma to publish more than 50 books, 23 audiobooks, and 25 free online teaching resources.

To celebrate our 15th year, we are launching the Gemma@15 Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. Our goal of $25,000 will enable us to publish additional relevant, engaging content for emerging adult readers and their teachers.

Go here to learn more about the campaign and make a gift to fund adult literacy resources.

Gemma Open Door for Literacy, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization. Gifts and donations are tax-deductible to the full extent of the law.  EIN #81-1384020    literacy@gemmamedia.org  

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