About Us

Gemma Open Door is a charitable nonprofit organization created by GemmaMedia in support of adult and young adult literacy. While Gemma focuses on memoir, travel and young–adult fiction with a consistent theme of crossing cultures, Gemma’s HiLo Open Door books address the under-served population of people who struggle to read.  Together, they make a powerful literary combination to encourage reading.

Gemma: Since 2008

Named for the brightest star in the Northern Crown, Gemma has been publishing new stories and new insights on culture since 2008.  Our award-winning writers explore the multicultural young–adult experience; new authors reveal quiet lives and hidden communities; journalists open distant worlds for us at home; and well-loved authors encourage new readers. From Ireland to Iowa, Jamestown to Japan, California to Cambodia, Gemma books capture some of the world’s color.

Gemma. People and places and the spaces in between.


Gemma Open Door

Gemma Open Door helps adults and young adults on the path to literacy. High-interest/low-reading level (HiLo) books with grown-up themes engage new readers (who often have only kid’s books to study) while improving fluency, competence, and self-esteem. Gemma Open Doors are written by best-selling authors and important new voices who really know how to tell a story! Fresh, original, relevant stories build confidence and introduce people to the pleasure of reading. Most books are between the second and fifth grade reading levels.                                                                                   

Literacy is a human right.

Anatomy of an Open Door


It takes courage for an adult to acknowledge the inability to read. We applaud those folks on the path to literacy and construct our books to encourage enjoyment of reading.  From the fresh cover images to the engaging topic areas to frequent reinforcement throughout the books, we encourage self-esteem every step of the way. Here is our technology.