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Wingo Perseus (Author)

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Reading Level 3.7

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by Wingo Perseus

On any given day, in any given city, countless people are arriving and departing…to visit grandma, to close a business deal, to hook up with a lover, to climb a mountain. Intrepid traveler Luis is trapped in flight delay and has many hours to see and hear and sense his fellow passengers. As he grows more invisible, the kinetic world around him takes on a life of its own. Where can all these people be going? Where in the world do we belong?

Part of the prestigious Open Door Series, originally designed for adult literacy in Ireland, these books confirm the truth that a story doesn’t have to be big to change our world. Airport is part of the US launch of Open Door books written by North American authors.

About the Author

Wingo Perseus has traveled extensively in the footsteps of his father, a WWII flyer. His favorite airport is City in London, most dreaded is Frankfurt, and he misses the charm of the old Delta Marine Terminal at LaGuardia. Not the best flyer himself, Wingo now lives and works as a writer outside Boston. Airport is Wingo Perseus’s second novel.