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American Lion

R. Timothy Rush (Author)

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Reading Level 4.3

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American Lion

by R. Timothy Rush

Set in the rugged western United States, American Lion presents true stories of the majestic North American cougar told by people who have experienced the mountain lion up close. From the Rock Creek Canyon battle of the killer lion and shepherd dog to the invisible guest in the hay loft, these encounters are terrifying, heartwarming and at all times as thrilling as the native cats themselves.

About the Author

Professor Tim Rush teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in literacy education, humanities education and linguistics at the University of Wyoming. Working closely with the tribes of the Wind River Indian Reservation, he has helped develop UW programs for certifying teachers of American Indian children. He was awarded the University of Wyoming Outreach School’s Holon Family Award and was recognized by the International Reading Association with its Jerry Johns Outstanding Teacher Educator in Reading Award. Grandfather of a girl’s volleyball champion and two young men serving in the US Air Force, Tim Rush lives on the high plains west of Laramie, Wyoming with Alice, his wife of nearly 50 years, and an array of horses, dogs, cats, and regular guests from the wild kingdom.

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