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Rebecca Roland (Author)

Velocity by Rebecca Roland, Adult literacy book

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by Rebecca Roland

Lucy Brick, a college student, starts noticing delivery drivers on motorbikes zooming all over Manhattan. They look alike and act weird. They use chopsticks to “charge” themselves. They even ignore traffic warnings.

Some of Lucy’s friends have joined the drivers. They invite Lucy to sign up, too. Her friends tell her it’s the best time in their lives. Being a dliv gives them lots of energy. Better, it makes them more popular than their wildest dreams. It’s very tempting!

But Lucy begins to wonder what has really happened to these drivers. How can they have such abilities? Could joining them be fun—or dangerous? Lucy is going to find out.

Velocity is the first in the series The Activ8r Adventures, where AI enhancements to human beings give them amazing powers…but at what cost?

About the Author and Illustrator

As a speech pathologist, writer, and Harvard lecturer, Rebecca is passionate about the power of language and conversation to enhance relationships.

In her previous book, The Art of Talking with Children, she demonstrates how to enrich interactions with the kids in your life and build the skills kids really need to thrive. She delves into meaningful conversations as a “double promise.” They build bonds with children in the moment, and they help kids become kinder, confident, and more creative.

Rebecca is also a poet and fiction writer. Velocity is Rebecca’s first Gemma HiLo and the first in her upcoming “The Activ8r Adventures” series.