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Alice Savage (Author)

Mona by Alice Savage, HiLo book, Adult education, Adult Literacy, Gemma Open Door

Reading Level 2.3

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by Alice Savage

Fall brings more changes to the yellow house as Joe and Brita open their home to a new relative. Rashid’s mother, Mona, lost her husband in the Syrian civil war, but her dreams for their son keep her going. She arrives in America with not much more than hope. As for creating her own new life? Well, that is not something Mona wants to look at just yet. But this beautiful, sad woman does not go unnoticed!

The Yellow House Stories follow daily life on Summer Street, an American neighborhood where cultures meet, challenges emerge, and people learn how to live together.

About the Author

Alice Savage is a long-time writer with a Master of Arts in teaching. Her published work includes fiction, non-fiction, one-act plays, monologues, and course books. A world traveler and member of a multi-cultural family, Alice likes to explore the challenging and humorous situations that occur when people navigate a culture that is different from their own.