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Pirates on Dinosaur Island

Mark Edwards (Author)

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Pirates on Dinosaur Island

by Mark Edwards

Dr. Christopher Lemuel escapes England on a privateer after he has the misfortune of winning a duel. With his life in jeopardy, he signs on as ship’s doctor only to face further dangers on the high seas. The good doctor is wounded in a sea battle, captured by pirates, and reluctantly becomes a buccaneer.

Then matters become stranger still when Dr. Lemuel is marooned on an island populated by enormous beasts unknown in natural history.

About the Author

Mark Edwards teaches writing and media studies (Sacred Heart University, ) takes pictures of odd things and interesting people, and writes plays and stories and propaganda.His play “Ladies in Hats” was a Kennedy Center semi-finalist and appeared in The Boston Theatre Marathon, his story “Last Call” appears in The Last Man Anthology, and his story “The Man Who Shot Bigfoot” can be found in Space and Time Magazine.


“Blood and madness; acts of unimaginable courage and inexplicable folly; shipwreck and mayhem and a cataclysmic hurricane ― this tropical paradise has everything. Including pirates. And yes, dinosaurs. Readers will devour Pirates on Dinosaur Island faster than a velociraptor can chomp a buccaneer.” ―Liz Hand, author of Available Dark and Radiant Days