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Spin Cycles

Charles Coe (Author)

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Reading Level 4.8

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Spin Cycles

by Charles Coe

Brilliant, homeless and nearly invisible, a young man wanders through Boston, looking for meaning and hope. Extreme mood swings and an unusual outlook on life make it impossible for him to thrive in mainstream society. He finds comfort in laundromats, where he calms himself by watching clothes tumble round and round and round. And in the streets he finds other people like himself, below the radar, laboring to survive. Poignant and buoyant, Spin Cycles is a story of loss, discovery, and, just possibly, redemption.

About the Author

Charles Coe is author of two books of poetry, All Sins Forgiven: Poems for my Parents and Picnic on the Moon. His poetry has appeared in literary reviews and anthologies such as Poesis, The Mom Egg, Solstice Literary Review, and Urban Nature. Charles won a fellowship in poetry from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, and his poems have been set to music by a number of composers. Co-chair of the Boston Chapter of the National Writers Union, Charles was selected by the Associates of the Boston Public Library as a “Boston Literary Light for 2014.”


“Spin Cycles reminds us, as the best fiction always does, that every person has a story to tell. Touching and beautiful.” ―William Martin, Back Bay and The Lincoln Letter

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