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The Transcriber

Kristen Witucki (Author)

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The Transcriber

by Kristen Witucki

Louis’s sister, Emily, is blind. She’s also in the marching band, gets great grades, sculpts in clay, and has the biggest bedroom in the house to accommodate her Braille machine. Everyone thinks Emily’s accomplishments are extraordinary, and most think that she can do no wrong. The single person who doesn’t feel awe–or pity–for her is Louis. He wishes people would just stop comparing the two of them. Louis wants his own life.

Then, a family tragedy begins to bridge the widening gap between brother and sister. Funny and touching at the same time, The Transcriber explores the power of sibling rivalry…and reconciliation.

About the Author

Kristen Witucki has been blind since birth and earned a BA in English from Vassar College, an MA in giftedness from Teachers College, Columbia University, an MFA in fiction writing from Sarah Lawrence College, and an Ed.M. in teaching students who are blind or visually impaired from Dominican College. She has been published on several blogs, and a story will appear in an anthology, Concert at Chopin’s House. Kristen Witucki teaches and lives with her husband, her young son, and her guide dog.


“… sharp, unsentimental, funny, and enlightening in sneaky ways. A family story narrated by the pesky brother of a blind sister, The Transcriber leads us out into deep waters. It’s one of those rare books that can change the way you view the world. I love this book. ” – Joan Silber, THE SIZE OF THE WORLD and IDEAS OF HEAVEN

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