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The Two-Wheeled Detective

Susan Thompson (Author)

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Reading Level 4.1

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The Two-Wheeled Detective

by Susan Thompson

Tami is a free spirit. She is a professional temporary employee. No full-time job is going to tie her down. She loves meeting new people, learning new skills, and studying human nature. Her mother said she was nosy, but curiosity is central to Tami’s life.

She loves peanut butter sandwiches and apples, any kind of music, and the wind through her hair as she zooms around on her trusty red

bicycle, Ruby. Her beloved mother gave Tami her first two-wheeler. She has ridden a red bike ever since.

Late one night, Tami rides home from work. She and Ruby suddenly hit a huge pothole on the darkened road. The bicycle flies into the hedges. The damage? A lump on the head, a bloody knee, and a broken wheel!

Tami is skeptical when a young man appears out of the dark to help her. But she has no way of knowing this is just the beginning of a mystery in the big house rising behind her. Her mishap drops her in the middle of a wealthy, unhappy, ambitious family…and a murder! Tami is on the case.

The first of a series, The Two-Wheeled Detective introduces us to a watchful, curious, and tenacious young accidental detective!

About the Author

Susan Thompson spent twenty years in the adult literacy field as a teacher, program director, curriculum developer, trainer, and mentor to adult literacy professionals. Susan is a graduate of Hollins University, the New School Certificate Program in adult literacy, and a recipient of the 2011 Literacy Recognition Award from the New York City Literacy Assistance Center. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Susan is a lifelong reader of mystery stories and is delighted to introduce you to Tami Tripper.