Lesson Planning!

To help teachers and mentors get started, here are a few samples of lesson planning to use with HiLo books. Mixing vocabulary review and current affairs, these suggestions can help spark class discussion.

Have YOU any tips for teaching we can share? Let us know at literacy@trisho1.sg-host.com


American Lion, HiLo, Gemma Open Door, Adult Literacy
Bake Sale, Suzanne Kamata, Adult literacy book, adult literacy resource, Gemma Open Door for Literacy
HiLo Book, Adult Literacy Book, Adult Literacy Resources
A Girls' Guide to the Islands
HiLo book
HiLo Book
Newcomers, HiLo book, Adult Literacy, Greta Gorsuch
The Night Telephone, Gemma Open Door, Adult Literacy, ESOL
The Orchard, Gemma Open Door, ESOL, Literacy tools
The Spy-HiLo-Adult Literacy-ESOL
Time with Leo, Adult literacy, ESOL teaching resources, Gemma Open Door for Literacy

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