We are delighted to announce our latest HiLo book release – The Museum of Oddities by Susan Thompson.

Tami is back! And she’s involved in another mystery. A professional temporary employee, Tami lands a job guarding a quirky collection in the Museum of Oddities. Soon, she discovers that precious objects are disappearing from the museum. Who is the thief? Tami is determined to find the culprit.

When a troubled old woman falls to her death, Tami’s investigation unmasks more than theft. Zelda, the mechanical fortune teller, turns up a card that leads Tami into the secret pasts of two people…and murder!

The Museum of Oddities is the second book in the Two-Wheeled Detective series, which features the intrepid Tami Tripper and her bike, Ruby. Grab your copy and join Tami on her latest adventure, where her curiosity and her knack for finding trouble make her the Two-Wheeled Detective.