Short excerpt adaptations

SnapReads! are serial, short excerpts adapted from three of our most popular titles: American Lion, Yankee Doodle and The Bear Suit.  Written at roughly first-grade level, these quick reads introduce new readers to the underlying story in five simple installments.

Teachers can guide students through the text by reading aloud, then asking the class to read on their own, in pairs, or as a group.  Practice the first SnapRead! for a book then move to the second and so on through the fifth. Each SnapRead! can take a class or two to master. Teachers can review new words and encourage fluency through practice.

Once readers have some familiarity with vocabulary, characters, and plot, they gain confidence and are ready for the full text. SnapReads! are roughly 250 words each and act as on-ramps to bigger books.  It’s all about encouragement!


American Lion, HiLo
HiLo book
HiLo Book