Earlier this year Gemma asked adult literacy organizations how they reach new adult learners and were thrilled to receive excellent advice from four adult literacy nonprofits.

Read their helpful suggestions below:

 “We rely heavily on referrals from community agencies and word of mouth!”  – Read Moncton

“Our biggest source of recruitment is through personal networks. Parent who have been through partner agencies, other adult education classes, our local Workforce Investment Board, and Family Resource Network.”Tri-State Literacy Council

We rely on word of mouth but invested heavily in outreach opportunities in 2023 and saw a lot of success there.

We are also trying to improve our communications with the local school district, which can pass it along directly to families that can use our services.” –  Winnebago Area Literacy Council

Be involved in community events. Get referrals from partner agencies. Turn learners who have enjoyed success into ambassadors for you.

Gateway programs or quick FREE workshops that deliver needed skills can attract and often convert attendees into adult learners.”Literacy Lambton

Try these outreach methods and let us know if they work for your organization! Or browse Gemma Hi-Lo Books and Resources for more ideas.