GemmaMedia Submissions

Gemma is always looking for books to inspire, excite and speed our target audience on its journey toward literacy.

We’re especially eager to hear from writers with experience of working with adult reading learners.

Do you have a book project you’d like to tell us about? This page has the information you need to submit your idea to GemmaMedia.

Stacks of manuscripts for submission

How to Submit

If you’d like us to consider your book idea, please send us a book proposal.

But, before you send anything, please review our guidelines for prospective authors carefully.

Then, follow our checklist for submitting your proposal. Unfortunately, we will not be able to consider submissions that don’t follow these guidelines.

We welcome the chance to review your idea!

Guidelines for Prospective HiLo Authors

Gemma occasionally accepts unsolicited projects for publication in our HiLo series for adult literacy.

We’re always looking for fresh, compelling new voices. We welcome proposals, especially from authors and teachers who have worked with our specified audience.

If you’d like us to consider your book project, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Relevance is key to our audience. The proposed book should embrace a topic of interest to adults and young adults.
  • We suggest you review existing titles in the series for a sense of the kinds of topics that resonate with our readership.
  • Books clearly aimed at children or proficient adult readers will not be considered.
  • Your book needs to have a strong, easily identifiable narrative. Gemma HiLo books tell a story!
  • The text should be aimed at readers with a second- to fourth-grade reading level.
  • The writing should use simple tenses, appropriate vocabulary, short sentences, and frequent chapter breaks.
  • 10,000 words is the outside limit for a book in this program. Longer works will not be considered.
Book Cover for The Other by Laurie Foos
Book Cover for The Museum of Oddities
Cover image for Jackie Robinson by Joe Schuster
Cover Image for Time with Leo by John Bliss
Book Cover for Newcomers by Greta Gorsuch

Submissions Checklist

Ready to submit? Please do not send us the entire manuscript. Instead, send us a proposal that includes the following information:

  • A working title for your book and an alternative title.
  • A one- or two-paragraph synopsis.
  • The estimated final word count.
  • The prospective delivery date of the finished book.
  • Audience: is your book for a particular group of adults or young adults?
  • A table of contents with a sentence or two describing each chapter.
  • A sample chapter rather than the complete manuscript.
  • A brief biography of yourself.
  • Any marketing opportunities that you may have for your book.

Send your proposal to us at

Please give us a few weeks to consider your submission.

Thank you!